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9 Steps to Becoming a Digital Nomad in Italy

​Frustrated at the lack of information available online explaining what I'd need to do to become a resident in Italy as a freelancer, I wrote a book myself!

If you're planning to become a digital nomad, self-employed person, or freelancer, this guide is designed to help you navigate what can otherwise be a very tricky process.

NOTE: I've gotten some flack about referring to digital nomads in this book. While the Digital Nomad visa isn't ready yet in Italy, there are other ways you can move to Italy if you are a freelancer, self-employed, or work remotely.


Manifesting with Goddess

You've tried vision boards. Meditating. Wiggling your nose. But none of it has helped you manifest your dreams.

This book will connect you to Goddess energy, and with the Goddess' help, you can start creating the life you've dreamed of!



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