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Moving to Italy?

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Pick-My-Brain Expat Consultation

Moving to Italy is a dream for so many people, and you're one of the very brave few who are ready to actually take the leap.

Having been on this journey, I know how confusing it can be to navigate visas, residence permits, finding a place to live...if only I'd had help on my own path!

I'd love to make this adventure a little easier for you. Let's set up an hour-long video chat and you can pick my brain as much as you'd like.

Cost: $100

Ready for a Coach?

You've long dreamed of moving abroad, and now you're ready to take action and make that dream a reality. need a little help.

As an expat myself, I can help you navigate both the logistics of moving abroad (visas, where to live, planning) as well as the all-important emotions you'll have as you untether yourself from a familiar life.

Over six sessions, we'll get an action plan and timeline for you moving abroad, and I'll probe you to go deeper into your values so you have something to anchor you when the storms of uncertainty arise.

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Calabria Relocation Package

If you're planning to relocate to Calabria and need help with any of the following, I can help:

  • Finding a home

  • Applying for the permesso di soggiorno

  • Getting a tessera sanitaria and/or carta di residenza

  • Other administrative tasks


Cost: varies, depending on needs

What to Expect

The expat coaching program consists of:

  • Weekly 45-minute coaching calls on Google Meet

  • Weekly assignments to move you forward toward your goal

  • Unlimited check-ins via email or WhatsApp


Interested in Expat Coaching?

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Want to learn more about my services or create a custom package? Get in touch today.

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