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Hi. I'm Su.

(or as I say here in Italy, Sono Su!)

Intuition + Authenticity= Fulfillment

Don't let any intuitive coach tell you she's got it all figured out. Or if she

I've been on my spiritual path for over 10 years, and mama, I'm still trying to figure shit out. 

Every damn day.

Since I got on this path (in this lifetime, anyway), I have:

  • Shed a marriage where I wasn't being authentic nor listening to my intuition

  • Rediscovered my love of creating perfectly imperfect art

  • Realigned my content writing business to be more spiritually fulfilling

  • Become an intuitive coach

  • Packed up my life and moved to Italy!

I marvel at the growth I've experienced in the last 10 years. I wouldn't be here if not for my spiritual practice and learning to really listen to my intuition. 

Now it's my joy and honor to help other women step into their authenticity and create lives they absolutely love.

Su Guillory

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