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Hi. My name's Su, and I'm an expat. And an expat coach! 

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I'm Finding Myself in Italy

Ciao bella!

I'll admit, twenty years ago, when I read (and watched) Under the Tuscan Sun, as well as Eat, Pray, Love, I was sold on the idea of completely changing my life in a new country. Specifically, Italy.


But I had to first go through a painful divorce and connect with my spirituality before I realized that this could actually be my reality.


Once my son graduated high school, I was ready to completely turn my life upside down by relocating to the south of Italy. Just me and my two cats!


But let me tell you a harsh truth: those books that so many of us drool over leave out a lot of the discomfort and loneliness many expats experience. As I'm fond of saying, life in Italy isn't all pasta and prosecco (though there is a lot of that. A LOT!). 


I've struggled to find my footing and to feel like I'm truly being my authentic self in another culture and language. I rely on my spiritual tools, like meditation, yoga, and connecting to Goddess energy to feel more grounded and connected to my truth.

If I had known that there were expat coaches out there when I started this journey, I might have found a quicker path to happiness. Fortunately for you, I'm here to help solo female expats like you step into their authenticity and create lives they absolutely love in a new country.

Su Guillory

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