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Montepaone Lido beach in Italy

Dreaming of Italy? Let's Get You There.

Congratulations, beautiful soul.

Unlike so many people who say "I'd LOVE to live in Italy" but then never do it, you're actually taking steps to make your dream a reality. 

As someone who's done exactly what you want to do, I can tell you, a move to Italy is no easy feat. It will require more patience than you've ever needed (Italians aren't known for getting things done quickly).

You likely have a million questions about where to live... you can work...

...what life is like...

...whether you need to be fluent in Italian or not...

If I had had an expat coach when I moved to Calabria, my life would have been so much easier. But you, smart thing, already know that you can't take this journey on your own.

I'm here to help.

Maybe you just need a quick call to pick my brain about all things related to a move to Italy. 


Or maybe you're ready to invest in yourself with expat coaching, to have a sounding board and accountability coach to ensure you are on track to making this dream of living abroad a reality.

Either way, I am here for you.


How Did This Girl from Arkansas End Up in Calabria?

Oh, I get asked this question nearly every day!


After my divorce, I felt adrift. I didn't know who I was or what I wanted. After a lot of soul-searching, I realized that my authentic life was waiting for me in Italy.


And so I untethered myself from a wonderful life in the U.S. to make my home as a solo woman in the south of Italy. (Read more about my story here.)

Expat Frustration Book Cover.png

Moving to Italy isn't all pasta and prosecco. As an expat, you will experience frustration, sadness, anger...all the feels. 

Get my free guide to overcome these emotions as a new expat.

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