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5 Reasons to Work with a Spiritual Coach After a Life Transition

Five years ago, I was a lone wolf. I was fiercely independent and didn't look to external aid to help me.

When I went through my divorce, certainly, I had a few close girlfriends around me, but I felt like I was bothering them every time I sobbed about the state of my life.

I spent much of the first two years feeling utterly alone and like I had no other choice for how to get through the pain except on my own.

I wish I'd set aside my ego to find support.

The Benefit of Having the Support of a Spiritual Coach

During COVID, I joined a nine-month priestess program. We met weekly on Zoom, and what surprised me the most was how much I appreciated...and eventually craved...the support of my newfound sisters.

We saw each other through heartbreak, health scares, and dark nights of the soul.

I began to shift my thinking. Maybe "lone-wolfing" it wasn't in my best interest. Maybe I needed other souls, particularly women, to help me on my journey.

After that, I worked with a few spiritual business coaches, who provided much-needed support to me as a veteran entrepreneur.

What about you? Have you been struggling silently on your own, unwilling to let others give you a hand? Are you even aware that you can have help and have an easier time through this major life transition you've been going through?

As a spiritual coach, my aim is to make that transition easier. Here are a few reasons you might want to work with a spiritual coach.

1. She's Been There

Every person who has come to me for help has some version of my story.


Business owner.

Living in a city I've lived in.

A wanderer.

Wants to move to Italy.

There are a million different coaches out there, but when you find one whose story resonates with your own, she's the one who can help you best. Because she's been there. She knows the path to a better place. She GETS it.

2. Asking for Help = Strength

If you're like me, you might think that asking for help means you're weak and vulnerable. Vulnerable...maybe, but as I'm learning on my own journey, that's actually a good thing.

Asking for help shows that you recognize what's in your control and what's outside of that sphere. That you are willing to let in people who have a different perspective and who can offer insights you aren't ready to uncover on your own.

So rather than looking at asking for help as a negative, see it as a sign that you are investing in your own well-being.

3. You're Worth the Investment

Speaking of investment, working with a spiritual coach does require both a financial and time investment, as well as an emotional one. You'll have to be ready to go deep and look at your shadows. And you'll get out what you put into the work.

So often we spend money on frivolous things. That daily Starbucks fix. A bottle of wine. And when you add all these things up...what do they amount to?

But investing in your mental wellbeing...that's another thing. That's an investment that will pay dividends for the rest of your life.

4. She'll Hold a Mirror to You

When my clients have a big a-ha moment at something I say, I tell them, "I'm just repeating back what you've told me."

The healing and work come from YOU, not your coach. But she is a mirror that shows you what you're hiding from yourself. She can pull out nuggets of wisdom that you need.

5. You'll Find Your Way

Working with a spiritual coach isn't meant to "fix" your life. Our lives are a series of transitions. Some big and some small.

Working with a coach can help you get unstuck, particularly after a large transition like divorce, empty nest, or loss of a loved one. It can provide you with tools you can use going forward to get unstuck in the future and to focus on your path and purpose.

We aren't meant to be alone in this world. After all, wolves travel in packs. Is it time for you to open your heart to a little help?

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