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4 Things to Know When Staying in an Apartment in Italy

I've stayed in so many Italian apartments that I've forgotten what used to be foreign and confusing to me! I walked through the apartment I'm renting in Reggio Calabria with fresh eyes so that I could show you things you need to know!

1. The Showers are Small

I've stayed in a few apartments that had bathtubs, but the tubs are so deep and it takes forever to fill them up! Plus, in the south in Calabria, there's a limit on water in some areas, so I feel too guilty to take a bath when I have the chance!

Most of the time, you'll encounter a tiny shower like this one in apartments, and often in hotels, too.

2. Italians Keep Their Butts Clean

You may have heard of a bidet, but have you used one? In my humble opinion, they're hassle, but I didn't grow up using one!

3. Towel Warmers Rock

I remember the first time I saw one of these. I didn't have a clue what it was. But once I figured out it was for warming towels, life changed for the better! I wish we had them more in the U.S.

4. Roll Those Shutters Down

You won't find mini blinds in Italy! Instead, windows and glass doors either have wooden shutters you pull in to close or these rolldown metal ones.

I realize that some things are foreign to Americans visiting Italy for the first time! Hopefully this will help you on your next trip!

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