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5 Things You Should Know About Allegretto Vineyard Resort

For the last leg of my recent girls’ trip to Central Coast and San Luis Obispo, Sandra, Lori, and I stayed at the gorgeous Allegretto Vineyard Resort in Paso Robles. One night at the luxury hotel and winery was far from enough; we could have stayed a week and never left the property!

Here are a few of the most interesting things about this resort that stood out in our minds.

1. The Resort is Designed to Make You Not Want to Leave

bikes at Allegretto Vineyard Resort

While its convenient location just minutes from a major interstate makes it ideal for exploring Paso Robles and the area, the resort does an excellent job to make you not want to leave the property. Whether you want to lounge in a private cabana overlooking the salt water pool, take a complimentary bike for a spin through the vineyards, or learn to play bocce ball, there’s plenty to do (or not do, as it were).

There’s also an on-site spa, and on the weekends you can take the resort’s own Chära fitness program.

2. There’s a Secret Wine Tasting Room

Allegretto Vineyard Resort wine room

Okay, it’s not really a secret, but compared to the other wineries in the Paso Robles region, Allegretto is more modest about its robust selection of Cabernet Sauvignons, Chardonnay, and Viognier. Ask the front desk for a tasting appointment, and you’ll meet John, an extremely knowledgeable gentleman who will spout his knowledge about everything from Japanese tourists in California to why women are more sensitive to bitter tastes.

3. The Art at the Resort was Carefully Curated

Allegretto Vineyard Resort statues

The art throughout the hotel property is what was most memorable for me. The owner, Doug Ayres, who owns other hotels in Southern California, has made it his mission to furnish the resort with deliberately chosen artifacts and paintings from all over the world. But more important is how the art is displayed. Ayres studied geometric design and applied his knowledge to ensure that the art flowed and complemented parts of the hotel. I particularly enjoyed the Roman statues in the courtyard and the Asian sculptures near our room.

4. The Rooms Will Blow You Away

Allegretto Vineyard Resort suite

Allegretto was kind enough to provide us a comped suite in exchange for my writing about it here and elsewhere. It was by far one of the nicest hotel rooms I’ve ever had the pleasure of staying in. Most delightful was the expansive bathroom, which featured not just a shower but also a deep tub and ample space for three women to get ready in.

The suite also featured a kitchen(ish) area with sink, coffee maker, and minibar fridge, and, inexplicably, way more cabinet space than anyone would need (especially since there was no microwave or stove to cook on). The living area opened out to a tiny patio with table and chairs, and beyond that, just steps away, was that pool I mentioned.

5. Cello Restaurant is Top-Notch

Allegretto Vineyard Resort Cello Restaurant

Dinner at the resort’s Cello Restaurant made the last night of our girlfriends’ getaway absolute perfection. Our waiter humored three slightly-buzzed ladies, and the food was perfect in every way. With the setting sun casting a golden glow on our bottle of local bubbly, I couldn’t imagine a better finale to a wonderful weekend.

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