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Balancing the Masculine and Feminine in Business

If you’re like many female entrepreneurs, or as I call us, entrepreneuses, you may be out of balance in how you run your business.

We all have masculine and feminine energy, regardless of our gender. It's this energy that often is out of alignment.

An Overdose of the Masculine

If you take a masculine approach in your business, you may try to do everything yourself, even if you’re not adept at it. You're constantly go-go-going and feel like you don't have enough time to do everything you need to.

This can quickly be depleting and can prevent you from being able to strategize about the future.

Unfortunately, many of us were raised in a "man's world" when it comes to business, and this has become our de facto way of operating.

Too Much Feminine Energy

If you take too much of a feminine approach, you may be blocked by a lack of inertia. You may be overwhelmed with decisions and put them off.

You know you need marketing...a new hire an intern...but it's just too much, and so you bury your head in the sand.

Then you wonder why your business has stagnated!

Finding Your Yin and Yang

Whichever way your imbalance swings, you’re not doing your business (or your mental health) any good.

You need a balance of the masculine and feminine.

You need to be ready for action, but you must trust your intuition about what the best path forward is. That might mean handing over certain tasks to someone with the right skillset to help you shine (like writing content. Ahem.).

You also need to balance that action with time to reflect. If you’re always working in your business (mired in the day-to-day tasks), you can’t work on it.

Make a point of including both masculine and feminine approaches to your work each week. If you know you tend to get overwhelmed with decisions, set the goal of taking care of one big, scary thing a day. Then congratulate yourself.

Know your limits. By your nature, you might tend to try to do it all yourself, but you aren't an expert at everything. Admit your weaknesses and ask for help.

Also spend time reflecting about what you want in your business. Where do you want to be in five years? How can you get there? Sometimes the best growth isn't action, it's reflection.

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