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Do You Hide Your Feminine Side in Business?

Did you know we all have both feminine and masculine energy? Masculine or feminine energy actually doesn't specifically have to do with gender. We all have both types of energy, but typically there's an imbalance if you aren't deliberate about finding equilibrium.

Masculine energy is all about action. Moving forward, sometimes without thinking. Control. It's more assertive (or aggressive, depending). It's what you need when you have a project that needs doing. I find running a business, I've picked up a lot of masculine energy along the way because so much of business is in that forward-propulsion mindstate.

Can you relate?

Feminine energy is more nurturing. It's about reflecting on a decision rather than leaping into it. In business, it's about listening to your intuition rather than what people around you say. It's listening, not jumping to conclusions.

What's Your Business Energy?

As I said, many of us turn on our masculine energy in business. Why? Because we feel like we have to in order to succeed.

For a long time, men were the dominating gender in the workforce, while women stayed home. We've come a long way (baby) since then, but that prevailing energy tends to be more masculine, not feminine.

(And yes, while I said masculine/feminine energy doesn't specifically have to do with gender, we do see more of that energy align with the gender it's associated with.)

Women are often left feeling like they can't show their emotions at work (because they'll be written off as hysterical). We may be considered aggressive, whereas a man might be commended for being assertive. We are taught that competing to get ahead is the only way to win.

These are truths. But they don't have to be yours.

How to Bring the Feminine Into Your Business

We're in a period of huge shifts when it comes to spirituality and how it touches every aspect of our lives. Now more than ever, people are seeking happiness and a connection to something greater than themselves. And that starts at the soul level.

If you've been masking your feminine as an entrepeneuse, it's time to let her out.

Take your time to make decisions. Encourage communication with employees, and let them know that you offer a safe space for them to voice any emotions. Spend time being, not always doing. Notice when you're taking on the masculine and ask yourself if there's a more feminine approach to get the results you want.

You might also choose to connect to Goddess energy, which is a great tool for amping up your feminine energy. There are Goddesses from cultures on every single continent. And we each embody their Divine Feminine energy.

What do I mean? If you have a relationship that is no longer serving you but can't find the courage to walk away, you could call on the Goddess Kali to help you cut those ties and move forward. She can imbue you with powerful warrior energy that you might not feel in your daily life.

If you're curious about Goddesses, I invite you to join my free Facebook group. I talk a lot about different Goddess energies and how you can connect with them to be happier, healthier, and more balanced.

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