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Expat Life for Single Women in Italy

I'm in a Facebook group for women who live in or want to live in Italy, and often, I see questions about what it's like to be a single woman in Italy.

single women in italy

Is it safe?

Where do you make friends?

How do you meet men?

While I may no longer be counted among the single women in Italy, now that I've fallen in love, I was single when I arrived, so I can speak to the experience.

First, Is It Safe for Single Women in Italy?

Let ME ask YOU something: is it safe where you live? I bet the answer varies, depending on where you live. If you live in a big city like LA, you may have to be more aware of your surroundings when you're alone. If you live in a tiny town, you may feel more safe.

The same goes for Italy. Just like in any big city, you'll want to be careful, especially if walking alone at night. But in smaller towns, particularly in the south, I'd practically guarantee your safety.

For one, Italians are very caring and protective, at least in Calabria. They're curious about you as an expat, and they'll keep an eye out for you, whether you realize it or not.

Secondly, when you're in a small town, everyone knows everyone. So crime is pretty much nonexistent. Imagine: Isabella sees Federica's nephew spray painting graffiti on the wall of a building. By the next day, everyone knows and young Giuseppe is in for a world of hurt.

So yeah. Crime. Less common here. I often said when I lived in Montepaone that I could leave a sack of cash in the middle of the street and someone would probably knock on my door to ask if it was mine.

Where Do You Make Friends?

Certainly, expats who are single women in Italy don't come with the built-in companions that couple expats have. And leaving behind cherished friends is tough. I know.

But if you're outgoing, you'll make friends. Trust me. Everyone wants to meet l'Americana.

While I 100% recommend you make Italian friends, it can be tremendously helpful to also have a few expat friends. Few people in the world get what you'll go through as an expat in Italy, so it's nice to connect with those who have already gone down this path before you. And they will likely be more than willing to help you navigate things like getting your permesso di soggiorno, finding a house to rent, or just where to find the best gelato.

If you're a little tech-savvy, you can possibly find other expats in groups on Facebook. Or events on

How Do You Meet Men?

While this doesn't apply to all single women in Italy, it definitely does for some of you! I'd be lying if, before I moved here, I didn't fantasize about falling in love with a handsome, romantic Italian man. And lucky me! I found my guy.

Again, the answer's going to be the same as in the US. If you live in a big city, you may have more opportunities to meet a potential partner at an event or a bar, or even through your new friend network.

In smaller towns, it's tough in some ways, because there's not a lot of...shall we say inventory? :) BUT you showing up on the scene as a beautiful, single American woman will certainly turn a few heads, so enjoy the attention!

After all, I met Francesco in his tiny town on a tour he was giving. The last thing he ever expected was to meet an American woman!

There are also dating apps in Italy, if you have a strong stomach and lots of patience. I tried them for a while, but in this rural area, the inventory was, once again, sparse.

Italy Needs More Single American Women

If you're single and hesitating to move to Italy, don't hesitate. Just do it. Italy has a culture of wanting to help one another, and as soon as you make one friend, you'll soon have dozens more.

One of the big lessons for me has been being vulnerable and accepting help when it's offered. But now that I'm learning to accept that help graciously, my life here has become so much more enriched.

I say Italy needs more single American women because they're so blown away by the bravery we show by packing up everything and moving here by ourselves (without a man! How is it possible?). I love demonstrating to Italians that it is possible for a woman to make her own dreams come true!

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Gina Elefante
Gina Elefante
01. März

You are speaking my language Sista! It's so empowering to know we can do this...on your own...without "needing" a man but being open to the possibility of finding that one person you could share your new life with. (and Italian men are so handsome!)

Gefällt mir
Su Guillory
Su Guillory
04. März
Antwort an

Indeed they are! And romantic. My skeptical American mind had to accept all the compliments that Fra throws me!

Gefällt mir
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