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Follow My Adventures in Poland

Right now, I’m somewhere in Poland, living it up with four other travel writers. I’ll have plenty to share upon my return, but in the meantime, check out some of the places I’ll be visiting this week.


Wawel Castle

Who doesn’t love a good castle? Wawel Castle looks pristinely maintained, and has a pretty great art collection. I’m disappointed that the Dragon’s Den, home of the mythical Wawel Dragon, is closed.

Schindler’s Factory

I’m excited to visit the place Schindler made his famous list of Jews that he saved from a terrible fate. The enamel factory is now a museum. I recently rewatched Schindler’s List so I’d be on top of the story!

Wieliczka Salt Mine

This is one of the oldest salt mines in the world, and now looks beautiful. The Wieliczka Salt Mine has chandeliers hanging in some rooms, and often hosts wedding. An odd and eerie spot for a wedding, but I bet it’s beautiful.


I have some apprehensions about going to the best-known (or is it worst-known) concentration camp from World War II, but I guess it’s my civic duty to feel just a fraction of discomfort in order to better understand history.



Neon Muzeum

Looking at this place online, it sounds like the Neon Muzeum will be pretty amazing. It’s got a collection of Cold War era neon signs, many designed by famous (in Poland, anyway) artists. Sounds like an Instagram dream!

Chopin Museum

I’m not as a general rule into classical music, but I’m open to getting schooled at the Chopin Museum.

There’s even more than this on my itinerary, so I’ll have plenty to report back to you!

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