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Here’s Why We Should Normalize Spirituality in Business

This was originally published on AllBusiness.

Not that long ago, we sage-burning, crystal-toting spiritual folk felt compelled to hide our “woo” side when we worked. We worried we would be shunned for our unconventional interests, but all that changed with Covid-19. That was when we all learned to let our hair down a little and allow our colleagues to see what was behind the mask (the metaphorical one, not that one).

As a result of the uncertainty we all faced, metaphysical tools saw a massive uptick in popularity. The demand for gemstones (read: crystals that calm your anxiety, help you be happier, and bring you abundance) has more than doubled since 2015. Call it a cry for help or a willingness to try something—anything—to feel better, but the end result is that we no longer hide our interest in the mystical.

Boutiques across America sell books on astrology, palo santo, and crystals. You can buy T-shirts that say “good things are coming” and “good vibes only.” Heck, you can even buy selenite crystals on! So what does this have to do with you and your business? Everything, actually. Showing your spirituality can benefit your business, as well as yourself.

We Could All Use More Spirituality in Business

We found ourselves being vulnerable during the worst of the pandemic when we took Zoom calls from our overstuffed closets, and that level of vulnerability hasn’t really gone down since. Will we ever go back to wearing ties or pantyhose? I hope not.

We’ve opened the portal to let our clients and coworkers see more of who we are, and that doesn’t have to stop with simply showing up in a sweatshirt and no makeup on a video call. It can, and should, in fact, extend to us normalizing wellness tools and spirituality in business.

Never have we had a greater collective strain on our mental health in this lifetime than we have had with the coronavirus pandemic. We’ve learned to value our mental and physical well-being, and we are, in unprecedented numbers, seeking solutions, whether that be yoga, meditation, or Reiki.

Having genuine, authentic conversations with workfolk actually solidifies that relationship. When we let people into our worlds, we connect with them. And since people do business with people whom they know, like, and trust, that vulnerability has huge potential upside.

Shift How You Operate as an Entrepreneur

If you aren’t already into any of these spiritual practices or tools, don’t sweat it. No pressure. But if you’re struggling to find calm in a topsy-turvy world, I invite you to explore what attracts you.

Everyone always says meditation, for example, is too hard; they can’t shut off their brains. Don’t try to stop the thoughts. Just sit for five minutes (C’mon. Five. You can do that!) using an app like Headspace. If the thoughts come, let them. Don’t judge. Getting into a regular practice of sitting quietly (which, spoiler alert, is meditation!) can clear your mind, lower your stress, and help you refocus on work.

If it speaks to you, carve out rituals in your workday. These can be as simple as lighting a fragrant candle each morning, having fresh flowers on your desk, or pulling an oracle card before you start working. It’s amazing what a little practice can do to shift your whole attitude for the day.

Then, if in the course of speaking with a client, you have the opportunity to share any of what you’re doing, don’t be shy. Your client might tell you she’s been having trouble sleeping. You might recommend she try lavender essential oil or sleep with an amethyst crystal under her pillow.

You don’t have to go deep with sharing your interests—unless she’s into it and asks questions. My point is: if there is a metaphysical tool that works for you in life, why wouldn’t you share it? You’d tell a friend about a brand of coffee you love or a massage therapist that works wonders on your knots. So why not provide suggestions for tools that might help others?

It’s Time to Come Out of the Closet Spiritually

Since Covid, I have met countless people, mostly women, who have shifted from doing work that wasn’t fulfilling to moving into more wellness-based businesses. They are now Reiki practitioners, massage therapists, and intuitive coaches (like me). They’ve stopped forcing themselves to go down a prescribed professional path that, while it might bring in good money, simply doesn’t leave them feeling happy or satisfied.

I love this. I love that we are questioning our values and deciding that, if we aren’t living up to them, it’s time for something new.

That might be the case for you, whether it’s as big as shifting into a completely new industry or business, or as small as having a tarot card reading to see what’s next in your business. Either way, we need to be open to whatever tools and practices can help us on this journey, including bringing spirituality into business.

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