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High Fashion or Tasteless Trends in NYC? You Decide

There’s some fashion magazine I peruse sometimes that highlights people in a given city with their quirky outfits. I guess the fact that it’s in a fashion magazine means it’s fashion, right? In New York City, I took my own photos, albeit stealthily and not always quality shots. Tell me: fashion or freak?

Naked Granny

Let’s start with the cream of the crop. Move over, Naked Cowboy, there’s a new nudist in town. If the guy in the background’s face is any indication, I’m going to say “freak” on this one.


Connect the Dots

This isn’t a bad outfit. I couldn’t get away with it, but I like the pops of yellow and red (catch that yellow umbrella even) to break up the dots. I bet her friend feels frumpy.


Acid Wash Redux

Everything comes back around in fashion. My policy is: if you wore it when it first came out (acid washed jeans, overalls, neon), you don’t get to wear it the second time around. But this kid was young, and had his own take on the over acidified jean. I dig the sweater and kicks.


G.I. No

Yes, we were in NYC for Fleet Week, but this guy was not a soldier. The two together are what I call a Fashion Statement Couple. Like “look at us!”

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