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On Traveling Alone

I’ve been yearning to travel on my own since I first got a taste for a few days two years ago in Greoux-les-Bains. I had a few days on my own last year on my Italy trip, but this year I’ve had even more time on my own.

And it’s been great.

Not only do I not have to worry about doing what someone else wants to do (or not do, in the case of my surly 13-year-old), but I have had plenty of time to reflect and simply enjoy my own company. And I’m great company, let me tell you.

I’ve forced myself to push out of my shyness to talk to people, and have had some great interactions as a result.

But most of all, I’ve enjoyed my daily hikes around Saorge. Knowing I was likely the only human on that mountain at the time was awe-inspiring. I wasn’t afraid or worried. I was simply happy and at peace.

Here’s to traveling solo.

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