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Photo Friday: A Memorable Meal on the Beach in Croatia

On our second night in Croatia, we decided to go out as a group for dinner. All 24 of us! We walked to a pizza restaurant, but several of us grew impatient as we waited and waited for service. So we left, in search of something else to eat.

Rose (my San Diego buddy), Ty (one of the Wisconsinites), and I headed back along the beach the way we’d come. A smiling woman greeted us outside of an open-air restaurant.

“I’ve saved the best table just for you!” she grinned and gestured to a table in the sand, just feet from the water.

We looked at each other. What could we do? It was for us!

The sun went down as we got to know each other over fresh-caught fish and wine. I inhaled and exhaled, relaxed. Happy.

Quite honestly, I don’t remember the meal as much as I remember the experience. How many times can you say you’ve eaten on a beach in Croatia?

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