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Photo Friday: An Unforgettable Meal at Gasthaus Wild in Vienna

There are meals you enjoy on your travels that you’ll never forget. Am I right?

For me, this meal in Vienna lives on in perpetuity. At the hotel owner’s recommendation, I found myself at a nearby restaurant called Gasthaus Wild. Though I had planned to order something very traditionally Viennese like wienerschnitzel, when I saw this dish on the menu, I changed my plan:

Bread dumpling in paprika cream sauce, with mushrooms.


The dish exceeded my expectations. I still dream of it. I savored every bite (and it was a generous portion), along with a couple of glasses of light, fruity rosé. I ate alone, observing other diners, particularly the older gentleman and toddler who were seated at the table next to me. The kid would toss a coaster on the floor. Grandpa would pick it up. Repeat, repeat, repeat. He and I shared a knowing smile over the child’s head.

All was right in the world as I enjoyed this unforgettable meal.

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