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Photo Friday: Hawaiian Time in Maui

I am not what is known as a patient driver. I do not amble slowly down the road for the fun of it. I I’m focused on getting to my destination as efficiently as possible, even if that means ignoring the speed limit.

When I arrived in Maui, I was confused as to why my map told me it would take an hour to go to 16 miles. I soon found out why. The roads in Maui are winding and I didn’t see a road with a speed limit above 45 miles per hour.

The first few days, this annoyed me greatly. Even on the straight wide highways, no one was going faster than a crawl. Didn’t these people have somewhere to go? I certainly did. I needed to go relax at my resort or get to the farmer’s market or the luau.

But as I drove part of the Road to Hana, a journey that had I taken the whole thing would have taken 3 hours to go just 64 miles, I finally got it.

Hawaiians have a better appreciation of taking things slow and looking around to appreciate. You can’t drive on a hairpin curve quickly. And if you have the opportunity to look away from the road for a moment, you will see the most splendid mountains and rainforests surrounding you.

The life lesson is not lost on me.

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