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Photo Friday: How to See Greek Ruins in Athens for Free

Here’s the thing: I like ancient Greek ruins as much as…well, some people, but I easily get information overload when I start reading this this building was created in this style and used for this purpose, blah blah.

Arriving in Athens, I just assumed I’d pay to visit the Acropolis. It’s what you do when you’re here. But then I had a conversation with myself.

Susan, just because everyone else suffers in 90+ degree heat and fights the crowds to look at some old monuments doesn’t mean you have to. That’s not how you travel.

Oh yeah. It’s not. So I made the very brazen decision to not pay to see a single crumbling ruin in Athens.

Turns out I didn’t need to. Walking around the gorgeous Monastiraki and Plaka neighborhoods, I kept stumbling upon ruins. They were fenced, but it was easy to get great shots of them.

I had a profound sense of appreciation for the fact that the ancient Greeks had built, lived, and loved under the ground on which I was standing. It is humbling to realize that we’re still finding relics of past eras. I don’t believe people will find ruins of tract housing from now in thousands of years! They just don’t build them like they used to!

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