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Photo Friday: Letting Go in Maui

When Max said that the one thing he wanted to do in Maui was ziplining, I had two thoughts:

  1. “Really? He’s not a very adventurous kid. He hates rollercoasters.”

  2. “Crap. That means I have to do it too.”

Max asks to do specific things so rarely, so I had to honor his request.

This picture reminds me of what happens when we let go of our fears. Great things! I wouldn’t have seen Maui all the way to the sea from above the treeline if I hadn’t been brave enough to let a 20something strap a harness on me and attach me to a line. I wouldn’t have felt that whoosh of freedom and joy if I hadn’t pushed off from the platform and zoomed across the forest floor.

I’m glad I did.

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