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Photo Friday: Mission Trails After a Rainy Winter

You may not know this, but San Diego was in an eight-year drought until last month. Pretty much the entire time I’ve lived here. I can think of periods where it had been months since we had even a sprinkle. Pretty unbelievable if you live somewhere where rain is more commonplace.

But this winter was incredibly wet (as I’m writing this in May, it’s raining today). Other than giving me an excuse to buy cute rainboots, one of the perks of a wet winter is what comes in the spring. This photo was taken in Mission Trails, where I love to hike. I’ve never, ever seen it so verdant and blooming! Part of it even looked like rolling hills of Ireland.

Just another reason I love living here: even in the heart of a busy city, you can feel like you’re in another country.

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