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Photo Friday: Solvang, California

“You want to stop in Solvang? Ug. It’s so cheesy,” Lori complained from the passenger seat.

“Um. Hello? Have you met me? Lover of all cheese. I brake for giant cows and balls of twine,” I replied.

So we stopped in the Scandinavian-inspired village of Solvang just 45 minutes north of Santa Barbara, on our way home from the Central Coast.

“How cute!” Sandra squealed.

In true cheesy fashion, there were fake windmills peppered throughout the town. This one was at our initial destination, Solvang Brewing Company. But not being inspired by the menu, we decided to find somewhere else to eat.

An hour and a half later, we’d skimmed the menus of every restaurant in town, but with a vegetarian in tow, there weren’t a lot of options. So we ended up back at the Brewing Company. Good choice. We ended up with a ginormous pile of nachos, pretzel sticks, and great beer.

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