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Photo Friday: The Good Life on a Boat in Croatia

I love this photo. It perfectly captures the absolute bliss I felt on a boat tour on the Dalmatian coast of Croatia.


Unworried about life back in San Diego.

Not wanting that day to end.

Most vacations are like that, aren’t they? Well, they should be. But too often we overextend ourselves, trying to see every. possible. attraction. in. 3. days.

I stopped doing that a while ago. I balance my trips with active days and passive ones. In the villa I shared with 23 people in Podstrana, Croatia, I would stay in every other day and lounge by the pool or go to the beach. It made me feel well-rested enough that the next day I was itching to explore places like Krka National Park or Hvar, on this boat trip.

Let’s have more of those good vibes, shall we?

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