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Photo Friday: Tidepools at San Elijo State Beach

One of the many, many awesome things about living in San Diego is having access to beachfront camping. San Elijo State Beach is about 30 minutes northwest from my house, and I love staying a few days, getting sand in all my crevices, and maybe learning to surf. I could do without the train horn every hour all night, but it’s nice to be close to breweries and an amazing donut shop.

This winter, my friends took their RV up for a night, so I went to visit for a few hours. I was amazed when we hit the beach before sunset: the tide was lower than I’d ever seen it, and there were tidepools everywhere. Lori and I collected shells…until she screamed that her pocket was moving.

She dumped out her pockets to find that half of the shells had tiny hermit crabs living in them!

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