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Photo Friday: Travel is Better with Friends

Though I only see her when we travel together, my college friend Cordula is one of the people I have a strong bond with, thanks to our mutual love of exploring the world.

This photo was taken in New York  City about four years ago. We had a blast wandering around her favorite city, splitting up to do our own things, then reconvening for dinner and margaritas (it’s always margaritas with that girl).

In a few weeks, I’m meeting her in Greece. I can’t wait to have another adventure with her, this time in another country for both of us.

It’s wonderful to know someone who gets why travel is so important. She quit her job and spent the better part of a year traveling throughout southeast Asia. She went to Argentina earlier this year, then to Vietnam, and I just found out she’s fitting in a quick trip to Alaska before our June Greece trip! A girl after my own heart.

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