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Planning a Trip to Calabria? I Can Help!

If you've read even just a few of my posts here, you know I'm pretty darn passionate about Calabria. I truly think it's the underdog of Italy. Everyone else flocks to Florence and Rome, Tuscany and Sicily, but that means those places are crowded and uncomfortable.

Calabria, on the other hand, is relatively untouched by tourism, at least to the levels of the places I mentioned. And the sea? I've never seen clearer or calmer. Floating in the Ionian Sea is one of my life's great pleasures.

Planning a Trip to Calabria in the Summer

Things get hopping here in Calabria come July and August. If you're planning a trip, I recommend coming in June or September, because it's still hot enough to swim, but less broiling and prices aren't as high as in July and August.

The lidi are open in this period. The discoteche are blaring their '90s music. Restaurants that have been shuttered all summer fling open their doors and entice visitors to sit in the dappled sunshine while enjoying a glass of cool bianco.

Doesn't sound so bad, does it?

Get a Custom Itinerary

If Calabria is calling you but you don't know where to go on your vacation, I and my business partner Dora can help.

We created Go Go Calabria to highlight the cultural, historical, and culinary delights of Calabria that most visitors are unaware of.

We create custom itineraries based on your interests. Are you a foodie? We'll hook you up with some of the most authentic Calabrese restaurants in the region.

Nature lover? Whether you want to walk in the mountains, swim in a waterfall, or take a boat ride, we can help.

We can show you ancient traditions like those you read about on my blog: watching ricotta being made, learning how important the art of the telaio (loom weaving) still is in Calabria, or making hyper-local pasta with a resident chef.

Whatever you want to do, we guarantee you're going to love doing it in Calabria.

Check out Go Go Calabria and mention you read this on my blog for a discount!

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