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'Round the World on a Single Tree

I’m a huge fan of Christmas (my husband? not so much). It’s all about traditions, and my family instilled a few in me that I’ve passed on to our son.


Ever since I can remember, whenever we’d travel, we would pick up an ornament that would remind us of our travels. Starfish Santas from the beach. Cajun treats from Louisiana. When I left for college, my mother gingerly packed up the ornaments that were “mine” (including my first pick: a ceramic Wonder Woman I chose at age 3. Still my best decision ever) and I started my own tree-dition.


I’ve been to other countries, and I still try to buy ornaments that represent my travels. There’s the windmill I got in Amsterdam, with the price sticker still on it. (That’s symbolic because it was in Florins, just before the Euro came out).


And now as I travel with my son, he has input on ornament picking. He chose the San Francisco trolley:


These ornaments serve as memories, as well as decorative tchotchkes. And I’m going to keep up the tradition until we fill three trees!


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