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The Impermanence of Everything

I’m familiar with the concept of impermanence from being Buddhist. Essentially: everything changes, and nothing stays the same.

I found this concept illustrated quite plainly as I enjoyed a delicious and simple French breakfast.

The baguette was the best I’ve had here. And that’s saying a lot, since the French rock at making a good baguette. But I think it was more that I was eating it at its height of freshness. In an hour, it would have been okay. In five? American standards. Next day? Inedible.

And there you have the impermanence of all things, especially good bread.

I love the fact that, despite food preserving chemicals being widely available in all parts of the world, there are still places that focus on creating food that will spoil soon. To loosely quote Steel Magnolias, I’d rather have 30 minutes of excellent bread than a lifetime of sliced bread.

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