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The Italian Digital Nomad Visa is FINALLY Here!

Two years ago, Italy announced that it would offer a digital nomad visa for people who worked remotely.


In true Italian style, nothing happened for a long time, frustrating anyone who was a good fit for this visa (myself included; I ended up on the autolavoro/freelance visa but this one sounds even easier to apply for).

Italian digital nomad visa

What is the Italian Digital Nomad Visa?

Like I said, this visa is designed for people who work remotely. That includes freelancers, self-employed folks, and employees who work virtually.

The visa is good for one year. To stay in Italy, you'll need the permesso di soggiorno, which can be renewed.

What Do You Need to Apply?

Here are the requirements for the digital nomad visa:

  • Proof of at least €28,000 in annual income

  • Proof of accommodation in Italy. This can be a house rental or a hotel reservation booked and paid for at least one month.

  • A work contract or other proof of virtual employment

  • Declaration of absence of criminal records from your employer

  • College diploma or proof of experience

  • Your resume (with proof of at least 6 months of working in the industry you’re in)

  • Proof of traveler/international health insurance with €30,000+ coverage per person per year

What Else You Need to Know

If you have a family you want to bring with you, this is possible with the digital nomad visa, though, as my commercialista (and immigration expert) Nicolò Bolla tells me, you would need to file for family reunification or cohesion once you are in Italy.

What isn't clear yet, since the Italian digital nomad visa is so new, is how you prove that you prove that you are highly qualified in your field. As I suggest here, bring your college diploma as well as any certifications or training you've had and your resume. When it comes to acing that consulate appointment, my motto is: be OVERLY prepared!

More Resources for Digital Nomads

I'm so happy Italy finally got it together to make the digital nomad visa a reality. The good news is that it requires fewer documents, and you don't have to go through the nulla osta process I did, nor be limited with the number of available spots like with the decreto flussi for other visas.

That being said, getting your digital nomad visa is only the first of many steps you'll have to take to establish your new life in Italy. To help you, I've written a guide: 9 Steps to Becoming a Digital Nomad in Italy.

In this guide, I explain what each of the nine things are, where to find them, and what you need to get them. Trust me: it's not easy to find this information online. So I wrote it myself!

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