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The Sweetest Little Chapel

I haven’t been Christian in years, and yet, I always find myself drawn to churches in other countries. I make a point to light a candle for my father wherever I am, though I’m sure he wouldn’t expect me to, knowing I’m Buddhist.

Whether you consider yourself religious or not, you can still find a serenity and calm inside a church.

I hadn’t visited the chapel in Saorge on previous visits, so I went yesterday. The place is clearly in disrepair; there are patches all over the frescoes that haven’t been repainted, and it seems like roof leaks may have caused the gold paint to dribble from the angels looking down.

But still, I found it the most beautiful church I’ve been in. And I’ve been in doozies like Westminster Abbey and Notre Dame. But it was so bright and cheery, despite its age, that I simply fell in love.

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