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Want to Be a Digital Nomad in Italy? I Wrote a Guide

Last year, I spent an inordinate amount of time researching everything I needed to do/have to move to Italy and live here legally. The problem was, there is not a lot of great information out there, especially in English. Much is geared toward students or in Italian.

But I'm a damn good researcher.

Half of the documents I needed once I got here, I hadn't read a thing about online. It was dumb luck that one of my expat friends helps refugees establish residency, so she knew what I needed and where to go.

You may not have such a friend when you move here (though I hope you do!), so I wanted to write a guide for anyone who wants to be a digital nomad, freelancer, or self-employed individual in Italy.

9 Steps to Becoming a Digital Nomad in Italy

When I started the guide, I didn't anticipate there would be so many steps! And in all honesty, I'm not done with the steps myself, but I'm taking a breather after the most challenging ones.

In this guide, I tell you which steps you can do on your own and which are better to have professional help for. And yes, I recommend you hire an immigration lawyer and a commercialista.

I put the steps in the order they need to happen and try to give you a sense of how long each will take. Now, keep in mind this is written from my own experience living in Calabria in a rural town. If you move to a big city, expect things to move a little faster. But no guarantees!

I hope this guide takes at least some of the headache out of the process for you. That gives you more time to enjoy your new life in Italia!

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