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What Summer in Calabria Tastes Like

Summer in Calabria is my favorite time of year, despite the fact that I bitch constantly about how hot it is!

In addition to the the lidi opening up, the beaches filling up, and the energy shifting as more people arrive for weeks of vacation, summer is a special time for food lovers.

Here's what I love eating when it's summer in Calabria!

1. Cherries

The season is short, but I adore Calabrian cherries. They're sweet and tart, and you can't beat eating them straight from the tree.

My son Max is visiting right now, and he got his first experience collecting fruit on Fra's family's land, where the cherry trees were laden with fruit!

2. Watermelon

I grew up in the South of the U.S., so watermelons have always been the symbol of summer. Yet, somehow they're even better here. Especially when you've been outside, running errands on foot, and are melting from the heat, a nice, cold slice of watermelon does the trick!

3. Aperol Spritz

Okay, okay, any time of year is a great time for a spritz, but when it's hot outside, that ice-cold cocktail really hits the spot. I've also been experimenting with making a fragolino spritz, made from the homemade strawberry liquor someone gave the family. Anything with prosecco is a thumbs-up in my book!

4. Tomatoes

Our family farm has just sprouted its tomatoes, so we'll soon be up to our ears in the red goodness. In the meantime, friends are giving us boatloads, so we eat tomatoes every day in some form. A salad with cucumber, feta, and oil and balsamic is a favorite. I just made gazpacho for the first time here and was super proud that I juiced and filtered the tomatoes (since I'm accustomed to buying V8 in the U.S.!).

In a few weeks, the family will purchase a ton of tomatoes that are specifically used to make passata, pureed tomatoes that are canned for the winter. Stay tuned for a post and tons of pics!

5. Merendella

The first time I saw this peach, I did a doubletake because it looks like a little apple! Apparently, its origins are in China, but the Calabrese are pretty proud of it.

The merendella is a little harder than a typical peach and has a bit of an apple-like taste to it.

6. Grilled Anything

The family hasn't lit the grill yet for the summer, but I'm ready for the locally-grown beef, chicken, and goat to soak up that grilly goodness. I've also discovered that polenta is yummy when grilled!

7. Crema di Caffe

My new favorite cold treat in the morning is a crema di caffe. If you've had a Wendy's Frostie, you'll get the idea. Only instead of chocolate, it's coffee-flavored. And instead of a 1,000-calorie gigantic serving, it comes in an espresso cup.

8. Gelato

No list of foods to eat in the summer in Calabria would be complete without the ubiquitous gelato! Everyone's got a favorite gelateria, as well as a favorite flavor. My favorite place is anywhere that serves mela verde (green apple), though it's hard to find. I also love limone (lemon) and fiordilatte, which is kind of a vanilla-y flavor.

My rule is: always order it in a cone, rather than a cup!

I could go on with this list, because I fall in love with every new thing I eat. I'm really enjoying all the fresh produce right now. Good thing, since it balances that gelato!

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2 opmerkingen

You and Dora look so cute! I can't wait to taste some of that gelato.

Su Guillory
Su Guillory
7 days ago
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Thanks! It's a new place on the corso. They're all good to me!

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