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Where Could You Use Some Athena Energy in Your Business?

You're probably familiar with the Goddess Athena, if only from your fifth-grade history class.

To quickly summarize a tiny portion of Her story...

She was born fully formed when She sprung from Zeus's head. She's known for being the namesake of Athens, Greece: Athena and Poseidon vied for control of the city, and each had to present a gift to the citizens. Poseidon struck the earth with his trident and created a salt water spring...pretty useless since you can't drink salt water!

Athena gave the people the gift of the olive tree, which they've used for sustenance ever since. And that's why the town is called Athens and not Poseidontown!

The Power of Assertion

You probably don't need an olive tree in your life, so what can Athena gift you? As the Goddess of Warfare and Wisdom, She can help you be assertive in all aspects of your business, from confidently sharing your ideas at work to setting boundaries with clients.

She's the Goddess of Warfare, yes, but that doesn't make Her bloodthirsty. It makes Her strategic. She can help you see the big picture so you're not reacting to life, but planning for potentiality.

Signs Athena is Here for You

Athena wants women to stand strong, knowing their fierce power. This is different for many of us, who have been taught to hide our lights and stay soft.

If you find yourself overly in the feminine and have trouble bringing that sure, confident wisdom and attitude, ask Athena to grant it to you.

If you invoke Athena for wisdom, strength, or assertion, watch for ways She brings it to you. You might be invited to speak at an event at work. Your partner might start asking your opinion more. You might even see an owl, one of Her symbols!

It's important to always keep an eye out for how the Goddesses we ask for blessings from manifest them in our lives. This often doesn't look the way we expect it to!

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