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Why I'm Letting Go of New Year's Resolutions

I've gotta admit: I'm one of few people who actually loves creating resolutions. Every year, for both my life and my business, I make a list of things I want to accomplish.

This year, I'm letting it go. Let me explain.

Manifesting is Year 'Round

I'm a huge manifestor. I've manifested houses, a life in Italy, friends, money...everything I've ever asked for.

I have a daily gratitude and manifesting ritual, and every new moon I also make a list of what I'm calling in.

I realized I didn't need the start of a new year to do this work because I'm doing it the whole year through.

Let Go to Receive

I'm also a recovering control freak, and I used to do business a lot differently than I do it now. I've learned that I get better results when I let go and go with the flow. The way my business looks today may be drastically different from how it looks in 12 months. I may start another business. I may offer different services or work with a different audience.

Not making a list of resolutions for my business this year is me surrendering to the Universe and trusting that it has my best interests in mind. Scary, but exhilarating.

My Word of the Year

Instead of writing resolutions, I will have a word of the year that will remind me of what I'm aiming for. That word is:


My life is nearly unrecognizable from the life I had before I packed up 11 boxes, three suitcases, and two cats and moved to Italy. I've learned that nothing can be taken for granted, and a lot of what I thought I wanted (both material things and ideas) I really can live without.

And so I welcome more transformation this year!

If you had to pick a word for your year, what would it be?

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