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WIN FREE COACHING! Attend Kickstart Your Authentic Life

Hey girl hey!

Have you registered for my Kickstart Your Authentic Life Facebook Challenge yet?

I changed the dates, so it will now be held September 19, 20, and 21 at noon pacific and 3 pm eastern. The sessions are short and sweet (30-45 minutes) but will be chock-full of magical goodness.

If you're ready to stop living for others or putting off your dreams, this program is for you!

And as a Special Offer for Your Authentic Life...

I've decided to give away a mini coaching package to one lucky attendee! Over three sessions, we'll work to identify the steps you need to take to move into your authentic life.

How can you enter?

Simply register for the Kickstart Your Authentic Life Facebook Challenge and show up! I'll choose a winner on the last day.

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