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3 Blocks Spiritual Entrepreneurs Must Overcome to Succeed

As an intuitive business coach, my work is less about giving women the details they need to start a business (though I do that, too) and more about breaking down mental and emotional obstacles that keep them from taking that step toward becoming entrepreneurs.

Because, ya'll, there are a LOT of those blocks for women.

Here are a few of those blocks I see women struggle with. Which ones can you relate to?

1. They're Waiting Until They Have More Experience

I coached a good friend who wanted to be a dating and sex coach. She's super business-savvy, so once we finished our sessions together, I was confident it would only be a matter of time before she started bringing in clients.

I spoke with her months later and asked if she'd landed her first paid client.

"Well, no, but I'm immersed in this program that I'm learning a ton in. I need to set pricing...I'm just busy with that and reading all these amazing books that are going to help me."

This is a classic issue. Why do we feel like we need to amass more knowledge, get more certifications, read more books, et cetera, before we launch our business?

I've said it before: there is NO ONE who needs to give you permission to start a business other than yourself. You will never feel ready. You gain experience by doing, and to do, you have to start.

2. They're Waiting for the Right Time

Well, my kids are still in school, so it's not a great time to start something new.

We're buying a house next year, so financially, it's too big of a risk.

I just got a promotion, so...

Let me just stop you there: there is NO right time to start a business. Well, besides right now. There will always be something you're willing to put ahead of launching a business, but realize that every time you do that, you're putting an obstacle in front of you achieving your dreams. That doesn't seem right, does it? When do you get to prioritize what YOU want in life?

3. I Can't Take the Financial Risk

I won't diminish the importance of knowing you will be okay financially when starting a business. You definitely need a plan for how you'll pay those bills.

But sometimes the Siren call of a full-time job with perks and annual pay raises is enough to deter you from what you really want. Sometimes that steady paycheck makes you ignore how unhappy you are in your role as an employee.

Get ready, honey, because starting a business is going to require some financial sacrifice. Those $60 dip manicures and daily Starbucks fixes? You might have to give them up. Just until you get off the ground. But in return, you'll be living your dream, running your own business, and I PROMISE you it will be worth it in the end.

I love helping women get down to that mental block that's stopping them and showing them things from a different perspective. Once they realize they're the only thing keeping them from starting a business, we're able to flow toward them finally living authentically.

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