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Stop Waiting for Permission to Launch Your Business

A few months ago on my journey to becoming an intuitive business coach, I had a seize of panic. Who was I to try to coach women to start a spiritual business when I had barely launched mine? Surely they wanted to hire someone who was making millions as a coach.

But then I checked myself.

I realized I don't have to be an expert with years of experience nor millions in the bank to be good at my job. And I do have a ton of experience in small business, even if the coaching is new.

Just Be 10 Steps Ahead

I recently enrolled in a program offered by Kimberly Maska, author of Are You a Spiritual Entrepreneur? She helps spiritual entrepreneurs next-level their businesses. Yes, please.

One thing I remember from her book that she's also said in our coursework is that you only need to be 10 steps ahead of your client. That means you don't have it all figured out yet. But you're just far enough ahead to hold the torch as they walk behind you on the path.

I love that. It tells me that I don't need to have certain credentials or a certain amount of money in my bank account to help my audience.

Are You Hiding Behind Knowledge?

Earlier this year I coached a woman who wanted to launch her dating and sex coaching business. She's had plenty of momentum since then, attracting more followers on social media and through her podcast. She's even coached a few people for free to gain experience.

But when I asked her if she had any paid clients she said, "Not yet. But I'm so busy with this coaching program and all the books I'm reading..."

I stopped her.

"You do know you don't need any of that to start charging, right?" I shared the tidbit about being 10 steps ahead of her client, and a lightbulb went off. She had felt that if she had a coaching certification program under her the books...did the things that she would be better equipped to coach people. Not true.

Does that resonate with you? Do you bury yourself in programs, courses, and workshops so you don't have to deal with actually starting a business? Are you waiting for permission?

Here's a fact, babe: no one needs to give you permission but YOU.

Once you decide you're ready to step out into the world with your magnificence, you're ready. One more book won't make a difference. The world is waiting for YOU to shine your light and help others.

Let go of agonizing over whether you have enough experience to help people. You do. Just get out there and start offering your unique services to the world!

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