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3 Must-Read Books for Spiritual Entrepreneurs

I've read dozens and dozens of business books over the last two decades, so suffice it to say, when I crack open a business book (even if it's a digital crack open), I have to be pulled in by something compelling.

Each of these books offered me so much wisdom and insight into how to run my spiritual business that I ended up working with the authors in one capacity or another! I hope you find value in their words of wisdom as well.

1. Are You a Spiritual Entrepreneur?

Are You a Spiritual Entrepreneur, written by Kimberly Maska, forever changed how I see a spiritually-led business. I, like most of Kimberly's readers, have been operating from a place of knowing how a 3D business runs. That is, a business that is very masculine-driven and which doesn't play in the world of spirituality.

What I've learned from her is that a spiritual business is completely different. It's not about pushing to get the sale; it's about aligning with what she calls my Soul Tribe: those people who are mirrors of me, and who I can best help because I've been where they are.

I read her book a few years ago and signed up for her emails. A few months ago, I signed up for her Spiritual Biz Manifestation program and have already gotten a ton out of it!

2. Get Gutsy

Who wouldn't want to read a book called Get Gutsy: A Sacred, Fearless Guide for Finding Your Soul’s Calling and Living Your Dream? Author Jenny Fenig shares the rocky road on her own journey to becoming an entrepreneur, speaker, and leadership coach to illustrate that the reader can find exactly what she's put on this planet to do.

After reading this book, I was turned on to the idea of being a business coach. I connected with Jenny and ended up working for her for about a year, and then completed her Magic Makers Coaching Certification program. The rest is history!

3. Living in Tune

In Living in Tune: 21 Questions to Activate Your Intuition and Find Your Life Purpose, Liz Roberta prompts the reader to really listen to their intuition by answering the well-thought-out questions she presents. The answers I developed are ones I still look back and reflect on, and they helped me really tune into my intuition.

Like with the other two authors, I kept tabs on what Liz was doing and recently signed up for her Sacred Sisters Facebook group, which is chock full of fantastic live sessions with business and spiritual leaders.

The fact that there are books like these that specifically address what it is to be spiritual and a business owner is a testament to the fact that the world of business is changing. For the better. If you have read any amazing books that have helped you on your spiritual/business journey, I'd love to know about them!

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