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5 Reasons to Book an Italy Expat Consultation

As an expat living in Italy, I've been answering questions about my experience since before I even left the U.S. Now that I'm working as an expat coach, those questions have increased, especially from women who, like me, are ready to completely change their lives for the better by moving to Italy.

A few months ago, I launched my Pick-My-Brain Italy Expat Consultation, and it's really taken off! I love learning the stories of each and every woman who books with me, discovering their motivations for wanting to move to Italy.

It's my job to share my own experiences and advise these women as best I can so that they can make their dreams of living in Italy come true!

If you haven't booked one of my Italy Expat Consultations, here are a few reasons to do so.

1. I've Been There. I Get It.

As a recent client told me, it's one thing to read tips and tricks for moving abroad online. It's another thing entirely to speak with someone who's been through the experience.

We're a rare class of women: those who are brave enough to leave everything behind to forge a new path in Italy. I've been through expat depression, so I'm not going to sugarcoat what it'll be like to uproot yourself from everything you know. But I also experience such joy, living a slower life in Italy, and I'll share the realities of that as well.

2. I've Got Resources

What I can't help you with directly (I'm not an immigration specialist, for example), I can find someone who can help you. Italy is all about networking, as I've learned. So whether you need a commercialista to help with taxes, a lawyer to help with your visa, or you need an apartment in Rome, I can put you in touch with the right people. Plus I've written about so much of what you want to know about moving to Italy, so my blog is another resource that's absolutely free!

3. I'm Passionate About Helping Women Get Here

It's become my dream to help women do exactly what I've done. It's surprising (and yet isn't) that I attract so many women with similar stories: divorced, healed, and ready to move forward into the next phase of their lives.

I want to stand tall to show these women that they absolutely can make their dreams come true. I did!

4. I Pour My Heart into these Consultations

My Italy Expat Consultations are an hour long, but I'm generous with my time, and I always follow up with an email with tons of links to articles and resources. I keep in touch with the women I coach. It feels like a win when they get their visas and move here!

5. It's Time for YOU to Make Your Dreams a Plan

Enough about me. Let's talk about YOU. If you've been thinking about moving to Italy for a while but haven't taken the steps to make it a reality, there's no better time. And what better first step than booking an Italy Expat Consultation with me? You'll feel validated in your "crazy" dream and you'll have ideas about what you should do next to get the plan rolling.

What are you waiting for? Book your Italy Expat Consultation today!

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