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Announcing a New Project: Go Go Calabria!

Ciao ya'll!

Well, as soon as my life settled down after passing the one-year mark living in Italy, I got antsy, so I created something completely new.

It's called Go Go Calabria, and it's a blog dedicated completely to all the wonderful things there are to see, do, explore, and eat here in Calabria, Italy.

Next year, I'll also be offering authentic Calabrian experiences, as well as helping to plan YOUR trip here!

What Will Change Here?

This blog will continue to focus on my experiences as an expat living in Italy, as well as my spiritual coaching. I wanted to separate the tourist content from my experiences, though there will be a little overlap.

On Mondays you'll continue to get inspirational posts about living authentically. On Fridays, the gems about living in Italy will continue. But now you get even more goodies about Calabria on the new site!

If you're on Instagram, you can follow @GoGoCalabria.

I hope that this new blog helps anyone interested in visiting Calabria...and that it will inspire YOU to book a trip!

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