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Summer's Gone in Calabria

While I enjoyed many things about summer in Calabria, I have to say, I think September and October are my favorite months here. The weather's still good, and you can bet I'll be swimming until the Ionian Sea is freezing!

The Locals Get Their Town Back

While much of the activity in the summer months came from visitors (mostly Italians who stay for several weeks or months, as well as a sprinkling of Germans, Brits, and Italian Americans), Calabria is back to business as usual.

In Soverato, I see all the old geezers shooting the shit on their usual benches. Fewer families laden down with pool floaties and umbrellas, headed to the beach.

There are parking spaces to be had. Restaurants without a wait. And generally, more space to breathe. I love it!

On the Other Hand...Winter is Coming

With that sigh of relief comes a general shutting down of practically everything, which is the drawback to me. Already, the lidi are closing, one by one. We enjoyed the last night of dancing to American and Italian oldies at Rebus last week. Every time I walk the lungomare, I see signs of other beach clubs shutting down.

The vendors who line the boardwalk by the sea will soon be gone, as well the amusement park games and rides. Soverato (and other Calabrian towns) will become a ghost town.

The storms are coming. While the summer was mostly sunny and rarely rainy, we see more wind and storms as autumn arrives. I actually like the long as I'm safe in my new apartment!

If you're considering moving to Calabria, it's important to know that it's not a beach party year-round. Certainly, July and August are insanely fun with plenty to do. But the energy shifts in the fall, as does the weather. Still, with it being cooler, it's a fantastic opportunity to explore nearby towns, which I plan to do!

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