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Brigid Brings a Burst of Creativity

Do you ever feel like your creativity has completely dried up? You want to paint, write, dance, or create...but you just can't find the motivation to do so.

If this sounds familiar, let me introduce you to the Goddess Brigid. She's the Celtic Goddess of poetry, blacksmithing, and craft. All creative things! She's the one to call on when you need a boost of creativity. She's also the Goddess most associated with Imbolc, the Celtic festival to celebrate the halfway point between the winter solstice and spring equinox, which was last week.

Creativity Flows Like Water

When I started to write this post, I was having my own stunted creativity so I practiced what I preach and invoked Brigid in meditation. I met Her next to a beautiful babbling brook. She invited me to take a sip of water from the stream. It was sweet and delicious. I asked what She wanted me to tell you about working with Her. Here's what She said.

"Creativity is like water. Sometimes it flows or gushes, and sometimes it dries to a trickle. But it's always there."

She invites anyone needing a boost of creativity to hold the following ritual.

Take a glass of water and raise it to the west. Recite:

Brigid! Brigid! Brigid!

Please come to my aid.

Help my creativity flow once again.

Then drink the water.

She also said a great way to keep creativity flowing is to bring it into your life daily. I'm an artist, and sometimes I do big projects that take several weeks, but most of the time, I fit just a little art into my life a few days a week. That might be completing just one step of a project (painting a layer that will need to dry), coloring in a coloring book, or just sketching without purpose. Sometimes I don't really want to sit down and do it, but I promise myself I can stop after five minutes.

Always, always, I lose track of time and keep going beyond that five-minute mark!

Creativity is like a plant. It wants to be nurtured. So do your part by finding ways to bring it into your life. And always remember that you have help from Brigid available to you!

PS Before going into meditation to meet Brigid, I was drawn to an emerald and green fluorite (pictured above). These crystals can also help remove creative blocks and open your heart chakra.

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