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Goddesses in the Everyday

Think Goddesses are archaic and irrelevant to today's society?

Think again!

You're already surrounded by references to Goddesses, though you might not realize it.

Take a look in your closet. Got a pair of Nikes? They were named after the Greek winged Goddess who represented victory (who better to inspire your next 5k?).

Are you a fan of Wonder Woman? It's no coincidence that her Amazon name is Diana. Diana is the Roman Goddess of the hunt. Your typical badass babe. Who better to wield the Lasso of Truth?

You were probably exposed to a well-known Hindu Goddess early in life, if you grew up watching the Indiana Jones movies. Remember the terrifying (to a five-year-old, anyway) scene in the underground cave in Temple of Doom? The crazy man shouting "Kali Ma!" as he extracted a heart from an unfortunate soul?

You met Kali, though, jeez, don't judge her by that unrealistic scene!

In my neighborhood, there used to be a restaurant called Pachamama, giving nod to the earth mama Goddess of South America.

Goddesses are all around us. All you have to do is open your eyes and heart to find them.

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