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2 Things You Need to Delegate as a Spiritual Entrepreneur

Sit down for me a minute, babe. I need to talk to you.

Listen, I know that you are a fabulous, driven, accomplished goddess, and that you get shit done on the regular.

But does juggling so much, wearing so many hats, ever get exhausting? I know it does.

The thing is, successful female business owners often have a surplus of masculine energy (I know I do), and that means that we have trouble letting go. Asking for help.

And that's the problem. Trying to do it all ourselves is causing us to experience burnout. Overwhelm. Stress. Insomnia.

We're doing it to ourselves, when there's a simple solution: delegation.

Delegation means finding someone who's better at doing something than you are and trusting them to do it. It's letting go and stepping into the Divine Feminine.

It can be challenging to ask for help because it feels incredibly vulnerable. But trust me when I say: you need to delegate some things in your life.

1. Delegate Shit You Suck At (or Don't Have Time to Do)

I have long been a proponent of delegating things in your business that you can't do well or don't have the time to do.

For a long time in my business, I did it all. I designed my first (horrible) logo. Wrote all the content for my company. Did my accounting.

Sound familiar?

Maybe you're doing it all yourself because you don't want to spend money to pay someone else to do it or you just assume that no one can do anything as well as you (#IFeelYaGirl).

But taking on everything in your business means you have less time to focus on the things that you're really good at. That you enjoy. You might hate sending invoices, and so in the days leading up to the day you bill, you get a sick feeling in your stomach. You spend so much time stressing over these invoices that you can't focus on finishing the project that's due tomorrow.

You're doing yourself a disservice by trying to do it all.

Look at it like this: if you pay someone who is an expert at a thing (graphic design, writing, accounting), they'll get it done faster than you could, and you'll have time and energy to focus on what you enjoy doing in your business.

What's not to love about that?

2. Delegate Self Care

Now, don't get me wrong: I am all about self care. I know that it helps me manage my stress and keep my body feeling good. I get fairly regular massages and facials.

But I'm also a DIY kind of gal. I learned reiki so that I could heal myself. The problem is, it seems to be less effective when I give myself reiki than when I give it to others! Maybe I'm too close to the source or am blocked by the very energies that I'm trying to move along.

I've had a few injuries lately that massage hasn't healed. I've been stretching and using different treatments at home, and I asked a friend to send me reiki. She did and then told me to go get acupuncture.

"Grumble, grumble," I said to myself, "I don't wanna pay for acupuncture. I can heal it myself."

Still, my intuition told me she was right, so I booked a session. I am not an acupuncturist, so this was something I definitely needed to outsource.

An hour later, I came out a new woman. My practitioner used reiki, acupuncture, cupping, and even some energy work to clear out what was no longer serving me. I couldn't have done all of this to myself. Sometimes it takes not only someone who's well-versed in different healing modalities but also someone who can see you energetically from another perspective.

I brought up to my practitioner the fact that my self-reiki wasn't very effective, and asked her why.

"Have you ever tried to give yourself a foot massage?"

I snorted. I got her point. Sometimes we just can't take care of ourselves because we can only approach from one angle (an awkward one if you're trying to rub your own feet). Sometimes the best option for self care is entrusting our bodies, minds, and souls to someone else.

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