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Embrace the Beauty of Wandering: Why It's Okay to Deviate from Your Life Path

I've got a little secret.

Lately, I've been feeling flaky.

When I launched my coaching business, I wanted to help women with their spiritual businesses.

Then I wanted to help women move abroad.

Now I'm focusing on helping women step into what's next after life transitions like divorce, empty nest, or the loss of a loved one.

My social media feeds and this blog have been all over the place, trying to keep up with these twists and turns.

I've been a bit ashamed.

You see, I'm a super grounded Libra. When I say I'll do something, I follow through. So it's been eating me up that I might look like a flake to anyone paying attention.

Only We Get to Decide Our Life Path

I recently reconnected with an old friend who is also a coach, and she invited me to sit with that word I'd used: FLAKE.

What did it mean to me?

I've felt like by zigging this way and zagging that, I have lost credibility. That people wouldn't want to work with me because I didn't know what the hell I was doing.

And yet, after talking to her, I realize that all this flitting from one flower to another is part of my journey. Perhaps YOU can relate!

Coaches don't have life figured out. We're working through our own issues. We are human. And humans try different things to see what fits (see: Goldilocks).

So I'm embracing the winding life path I'm on, knowing that I'm headed in the right direction. I may meander down one path only to turn around. I may find an overgrown trail I hadn't seen before and decide to take it.

Living in Italy is still opening up a lot of interesting paths I'd like to explore, so who knows where they'll lead?

The point is: we shouldn't be hard on ourselves when life doesn't go according to plan (you know what they say about God laughing when we make plans).

We have the right to shift directions.

We have the right to change our minds.

We have the right to try new things.

We have the right to walk away from things.

Thank you for being with me in this labyrinth of possibilities. It's nothing if not fun!

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