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Wanna Succeed in Business? Goddess Has Your Back!

A few years ago, I lost a pretty big client in my content marketing business. Big enough that I lost sleep, wondering what I was going to do to replace that money.

Within days, I had secured another client...for even more money!

Since then, I've stopped letting myself worry. I just know that when one project ends, an even better one is on its way. I even get excited to see what Goddess is sending me!

Goddess Wants You to Thrive

Once I let go of the "how" of getting what I wanted in my business (replacing that revenue), I handed the wheel over to Goddess and let her drive.

It can be scary, especially if you're a Type A entrepreneuse like me. You want to know the plan, man! But having faith that what you want will happen is key.

I work with Goddesses like Lakshmi, Athena, and Kali in my business to ensure that not only do I make more than enough income, I also have fun doing so!

How Can Lakshmi, Athena, and Kali Help You?

Lakshmi, as you probably know, is the Goddess of Abundance. She's the one you can call on to bring in new clients when old ones leave, or help you charge more money.

Athena's great for helping you be more assertive or when you need to negotiate well. Sometimes a little masculine, warrior energy is just what you need in business!

And Kali (my dear, sweet Kali) helps you let go of what's not serving. Maybe you have a client that is draining your energy, or you're offering a product you really don't like.

Recently, my dear friend Jen Ruscin interviewed me on her blog about working with these three Goddesses to help you grow your business. Check it out and don't miss the link for the 3 free Goddess meditations!

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