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Happy 40th to Me: Here’s to 40 More Years of Travel

Yesterday I turned 40. Unlike some women, I am not fighting it. I look at 40 as a new leaf, a clean slate full of opportunity.

When I think back over the years, I’ve accomplished a lot travelwise.

  1. I’ve traveled to 15 countries. So many more left to explore!

  2. I studied in Belgium in my 20s.

  3. I got a degree in French.

  4. I also learned Spanish and Italian.

  5. I’ve written books about my travels. I plan to write more.

  6. I’ve become a travel writer.

  7. I hiked about 65 miles in the Dolomiti.

  8. I’ve gone to yoga retreats in Italy, France, and California.

For me, this is just the tip of the travel iceberg. There are so many more places I want to visit solo, with Max, and with friends. I’m thirsty to absorb more languages and culture, as well as hungry for all the cuisines the world can throw at me.

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