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How to Spot Signs from the Universe

It's not every day that I feel in tune with the Universe. Some days are just...meh, and I find myself struggling. We all do.

Fortunately, the Universe sends us signs to let us know that it's looking out for us, and that all will be well.

We just have to pay attention.

1. Animals

In many cultures, animals offer messages. I pay attention to the crows that gather outside my house (transformation and change is afoot) and the bunnies that cross my path on my hike (abundance and good luck).

Especially if you see an animal you wouldn't expect to see, pay attention. On one hike, I saw a tiny black and purple butterfly, and it led me back down the trail. Tell me that wasn't sent from the Universe!

You may also have an animal connection with a deceased loved one. For me, crows remind me of my father because we used to read Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven together. Whenever I see crows, I take it as my dad saying he's looking out for me.

2. Clock Times

I don't know about you, but it feels like a significant amount of time, when I look at the clock, it's got repeated numbers. Especially 11:11. This is another sign from the Universe. In the case of 11:11, there are many interpretations, so take your pick. For me, it's like the Universe is saying, "We see you. You're on the right path. Keep up the good work."

3. Synchronicities

Have you ever, let's say, decided you wanted to learn more about something and then a book or lecture on that very subject shows up on your path? And no, I'm not talking about targeted Facebook ads (though they can be eerily spot-on sometimes!).

Or maybe you've been thinking about a friend you haven't talked to in years...and then get a message from her on Facebook out of the blue. We call these synchronicities. Don't be tempted to call them coincidences! I don't believe there's such thing.

It's just a matter of manifesting: you wanted to learn about tarot, so the Universe, hearing this, puts several resources on your path. Pay attention and appreciate the gift.

The Universe is constantly communicating with us in both subtle and big ways. It's just a matter of whether we're willing to listen.

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