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[TAROT JOURNEY] Manifesting with the Magician

I realized when I moved to Italy that I was likely going to follow the journey that the Tarot goes on. It started with me being The Fool, beginning anew and starting my adventure. By now, a month in, I'm starting to get the hang of how things work around here, though I'm far from an expert.

I'm moving into The Magician.

The Magician Creates...You Guessed It...Magic!

If you're familiar with the Tarot, you know the second card of the deck is The Magician. That creator of her own reality. That magic maker.

As I build confidence in my new life, I'm seeing all the things I want manifested into reality.

I have enough new friends to have a large birthday dinner this month. I even got offered a job through a friend of a friend (teaching French; wasn't interested, but it was interesting how the opportunity fell into my lap). I've spent my days visiting wineries and olive groves, sampling the best this region has to offer.

This is exactly the life I envisioned for myself here.

That's what The Magician is all about. Creating our own realities.

Believe in Your Power

As an intuitive business coach, you could say part of my role is helping women step into their Magician role. So many women don't feel like they have the power to create their own lives, to realize their dreams.

It's my responsibility (and pleasure) to help them discover that in fact, they do have the power, strength, and right to live the life they want to live, not the one others have prescribed for them.

I for one love stepping into that Magician role. I'm all about manifesting, and when things start flowing my way, it makes me grateful and ready to create more!

What about you? Do you acknowledge when you get the things you desire, or do you constantly seek more without stopping to appreciate where you are and what you've accomplished?

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