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Must-Download Travel App: GPSmyCity

I’m always on the lookout for travel apps that help me get around and plan what I want to see and do in a city. I just found another I want to share with you:

What I love about this app are its diverse features and guides. Let me tell you more.

THE Travel App for Walking Guides, Tours, and Tips

acropolis walking tour

One thing I have problems with is figuring out how to map a day in a city checking out a few attractions. Are they reasonably close together? Could I walk from one to another? GPSmyCity’s Walking Tours are the perfect anecdote: you can download (great for when you don’t have data or wifi) walking guides to specific neighborhoods or areas.

I used this app to plan for my upcoming trip to Greece and Croatia and was excited to see guides like Walk Around the Acropolis. This one told me it would take an hour, provided an overview, and different things to see on the hike. Perfect. You just saved me a ton of time.

Another feature I dig is the articles by different travel bloggers about a city. I learned from one article that, while I (and many other people) assumed that Santorini was filled with those gorgeous Cycladic white buildings with blue rooftops, there are actually relatively few of them. They’re just the same ones everyone photographs!


The articles also provided great suggestions for restaurants and accommodations, which is helpful.

Try Out GPSmyCity for Free

I’ve partnered with GPSmyCity to publish some of my content on the app, and for a limited time, you can get the following articles on Nice and Aix-en-Provence, France, free (on iTunes only, unfortunately. There is an Android app, but you will have to pay to read this content).

The app is free to download, but if you want to upgrade to the full version of an article, complete with GPS, you pay $1.99 per article. You can also subscribe for a year for $12.99 (no city walks guides included) or $18.99 (480 city walking guides plus travel articles in over 1,000 cities). That’s a steal!

This is definitely a travel app I will use this summer, as well as on other trips. While, sure, you can Google what to see and do in a city, having an app for it is great because you won’t always have internet or data, and with GPSmyCity, you can download any content you’ll want to look at later.

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