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[PERSONAL UPDATE] One More Soverato Marina!

For someone who lived in the same house for six years in San Diego, I have been moving a LOT in Italy!

At the start of the summer, I moved from Montepaone Lido to Soverato Superiore, the older hilltop town. Why? Because rentals are crazy expensive in Soverato Marina in the summer.

But now...finally...I'm headed for the town that I first fell in love with in Calabria!

What I'm Excited About in Soverato Marina

While living on the hill has been quiet, it's been TOO quiet for me. Soverato Marina has a lot least in the summer. I look forward to being able to walk to stores, lidi, and my friends' restaurant, Trattoria del Maestro.

Most of all, I'm thrilled to once again live within walking distance of the sea. And as the tourists leave now that summer's winding down, that means the boardwalk and beaches will be ALL MINE!

Soverato's also got a fantastic weekly market (Fridays), and my new place is steps away. So I can pop out to get some fresh watermelon, mushrooms, or whatever's in season.

People ask me why I chose Soverato and here's what I tell them: it's a decent-sized town (just over 9,000 people) with restaurants, two theaters, and fantastic beaches. For me, Reggio Calabria was too big, and Tropea too touristy. Just like Goldilocks, Soverato feels juuuuust right!

Stay tuned for more Soverato Marina fun!

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Checked out Francesco & Dora's restaurant. I wanna eat there!!

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